Recent Activities

IMS 2016 Workshop Accepted: Phase Change Material Switches for a New Class of Microwave Control Components

November 11, 2015

We are happy to announce that a proposed workshop submission sponsored by our TCC entitled, "Phase Change Material Switches for a New Class of Microwave Control Components" has been accepted for IMS 2016.

The workshop was developed by Harvey Newman and Tony Ivanov, and promises to be a very interesting discussion on emerging phase change materials and devices.

The workshop has been scheduled for Friday, from 13:00-17:00, code WFE.

Proposed IMS 2016 Workshop: Frequency Agile Antennas and Sensors using Advanced Control Materials

October 14, 2015

An exciting new workshop has been proposed for the International Microwave Symposium in Tampa, Florida on Friday, June 6 at 8am. The title of the workshop is "Frequency agile antennas and sensors using advanced control materials." We've brought together experts from industry and academia to help shed light on control materials, including ferrites, ferroelectrics, phase change materials, and superconducting arrays and their applications.

The Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, via the Technical Coordinating Committee, each year carefully selects a group of Distinguished Microwave Lecturers who are recognized experts in their fields.